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To Unit Test or Not to Unit Test

There are so many ways to test software.  There are so many ways to organize software tests.  And there are so many opinions on which way is best... that it becomes difficult to decide on a path. I recently presented a short bit on mockito .  The focus of the presentation was on how mockito works.  In the middle of the presentation, someone asked "I understand what we are talking about...but is this even the right way to test?  Is this a good idea?"  Fundamentally, the person was questioning whether unit testing itself is a good idea.  In a previous post, I mentioned the test pyramid and unit tests, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that I believe in unit tests.  When this happened in the presentation, I was genuinely shocked to hear someone bring up an argument against unit tests.  That led me to start googling a bit for such things... and behold, there are a fair number of people out there who are against unit testing because they want to see more integration/system t