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The DevOps Handbook, the Testing Pyramid, and Unit Testing

We are reading the DevOps Handbook at work, and today we discussed chapter 10 -- the testing chapter.  I was really excited to see that even in DevOps land, people recognize that more and faster running tests are better.  There were many references to google's testing transformation in the book for those that wanted a strong reference for why automated testing is so important. I really appreciated that the book referenced the Testing Pyramid and discussed the importance of focusing mainly on large numbers of unit tests instead of large numbers of slower integration/acceptance/ui/etc kinds of tests.  The Testing Pyramid really encourages a large unit test suite as the base of the pyramid as well-written tests.  I agree with this mindset; a large suite of unit tests encourages the coder to really think about the coder's public APIs and how they might be consumed.  Even if the API lives within the same code base as it's consumer because the consumer is just another class,